Explore the rich nature of Tokyo

Rent a bike to stroll
around the Okutama and Ome area.

From October 1st,2019 if you use our drop off point near Ome station (Aoyagi bicycles) or Kabe station (Koki bicycles) we will be introducing a bicycle pick-up fee of ¥200 per bicycle.
Shijuku to Okutama is a 1 hour 40 minutes ride on the train. Come bike around and explore the wonders of the little known areas of Tokyo.
Nature, forests, power spots, old folk houses, rivers, lakes, ravines, waterfalls, light climbing, hiking, country side roads, temples and shrines. Where do you feel like visiting?


Reccomend Trail

  • 奥多摩〜青梅の文化施設・美術館・博物館を堪能、悠久の文化コース

    Timeless Culture TrailMitake Ravine and Ome offer many art venues such as cultural institutions and museums. This is a 20km trail exploring the nature and culture from Okutama down to Ome.

  • 昔の面影を偲びながら惣岳渓谷をゆく、奥多摩むかしみちコース

    Okutama Mukashimichi (old-time) TrailA trail with “old-time” spots including the Shirahige Shrine and Jizo stone statues, a suspension bridge and old folk houses along the way. This is a 10km trail ride to Tama Lake. Enjoy Trekkling with your fellow bikers!

  • 奥多摩〜青梅の自然とマイナスイオンを満喫、癒しの裏道コース

    Healing Byway TrailThis is a 23km trail ride from Okutama down to Ome. It offers many nature sights including the Kazuma cutting and Lake Shiromaru. Park your bike and take a refreshing walk around the ravine.

  • レンタサイクルで巡れば福来る!?青梅七福神巡りコース

    Ome Shichifukujin Meguri (Seven Lucky Gods) TrailThis is a biking trail recommended for bikers who will still have stamina after the ride from Okutama down to Ome. Work out your body on this trail! This trail is especially beautiful in the spring with cherry blossoms and weeping plums.


How Trekkling works

The base shop is only 1 minute from Okutama station
Rent a bike right by the station
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Variety of brand bikes to choose from
Pick from Bridgestone’s Mountain bike "Ordina", Khodabloom’s Rail700v, GT’s KARAKORAM4.0, Panasonic’s electric assisted bikes "Hurryer", "LittleBEE" and "SugarDrop".
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Drop-off possible at Ome, 20kms from Okutama.
Okutama to Ome is a great downhill ride. Ride freely and efficiently around attraction spots.
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Free bike trail map included!
We offer first-timer-friendly trail maps. Our staff chose the best routes just for you.。
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