Enjoy the rich nature of Tokyo's mountains with a cycling tour or rental bicycle

Cycling tours

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 Weekend and holiday drop in tours

At the weekends and national holidays, why not join one of our drop in tours. These tours will leave at 1pm and last for around 3hrs.

Tours in English or Japanese

(Tour language and destination decided by our shop on a week by week basis.)

Either book your place in advance or come to the shop by 12.30pm and put your name on the list.

Why not rent a bike in the morning and join a tour in the afternoon.


Bike rental + ¥2000

(minimum 2 people, maximum 6)

Tour destinations:

3.5 hrs Tour
Hidden waterfalls Limestone caves The historical road
Bike rental
+ ¥2000
 Special weekday tours

Tours have a set schedule from Tuesday to Friday, with a different tour each day.

Historical road / wasabi field / waterfall experience tours start at 1pm

Ome culture / Cycle and water adventure tours start at 10.30am

If you book privately we can arrange any day and time to suit your plan, and customize the tour to your liking.

① Historical road tour ④ Waterfall experience
② Wasabi field & nature tour ⑤ Cycle and water adventure
③ Ome culture tour ⑥ Cycling tour & BBQ
Historical road tour
Wasabi field & nature tour
Ome culture tour

Cycle on the Edo era historical road to Lake Okutama and experience the history and rich nature on the way.

See and experience historical, cultural and nature sites, such as old shrines, suspension foot bridges, museums, view points & pontoon bridges.

Call or email now to customize your experience now.

3-4 hr Tour
prices from
¥6000 p.p.

Do you know wasabi? It's Japan's famous horseradish used in sushi & sashimi.

Okutama has a long history growing wasabi using its clear, mineral rich streams and springs.

In this tour we will cycle and experience a wasabi field high in the mountains, on the way we will visit some historical sites.

At the field, a local Australian grower will explain how wasabi is grown and you can sample some too.

He will also introduce the local flora and fauna and some folk tales too.

3-4 hr Tour
prices from
¥8,500 p.p.

Enjoy the culture and history of Ome with a cycle from Mitake.

Experience a zen garden, an Edo era country house, an antique hair accessory museum, temples & shrines and finally taking part in 'koso-en' traditional indigo dyeing.


* Lunch and dye experience not included

Lunch - Bring your own or buy on the way.


Dye experience prices:

handkerchief: ¥1,600

bandana: ¥2,000

stole (cotton): ¥4,800

T-shirt (half sleeve): ¥5,200

day Tour
prices from
¥10,000 p.p.*
 Waterfall experience
Cycle and water adventure
Cycling & BBQ

Enter a different world of nature and calm with a cycle to a hidden waterfall. Escape the heat of the city and feel the coolness of the forest and gently flowing river. Cycle then trek to the largest of 3 waterfalls, then jump into the big pool.

Swimwear recommended!

prices from
¥6000 p.p.
3-4 hr Tour

One day cycle tour in the morning then in the afternoon enjoy a water based activity such as canyoning, kayaking, river sup, rafting etc.

Call or email now to customize your experience now.

1 day Tour
prices from
¥10,000 p.p.

Join one of our cycling tours, return your bike and take part in a riverside BBQ at Hikawa camp site or BBQ site Aka-tombo near Ozawa sake brewery.

Many options available.

Call or email now to customize your experience.

3-4 hr Tour
prices from
¥8000 p.p.
Cycling tour schedule

◯ Available  △ Partially booked ✖️ Fully booked / not available

□ Contact us for availability (xx) - Number of places available  (JP/EN) - host language


Tour schedule will be set for each week. Please contact us to confirm.

Before you join the tour

  • Please bring ID such as your driver's license, insurance card, student ID, passport or resident card.
  • Participants must be able to ride a bike. If you don't have recent experience, please practice before you participate.
  • We only have bikes for participants over 140cm (4ft 7in) (Children from around 12 years old) Children should have sufficient recent experience of riding a bike.
  • If over 65, please be of good fitness to ride a bike
  • We don't have bikes for children under 12 or have child seats.
  • Minimum 2 participants
  • Maximum 6 participants
    (Please call for bookings with 7+ participants)
  • Tours can be booked privately. See prices below.

What to wear / bring

Proof of ID

Please bring ID such as your driver's license, insurance card, student ID, passport or resident card

Don't wear the following

Sandals, high-heels, long skirts or clothes you mind getting dirty.

Bring a rucksack or shoulder bag

A easy to carry shoulder bag or rucksack

Also bring gloves or sunglasses depending on the weather


Bring a raincoat or poncho if there is a chance of rain.

Booking process

Start time Please come to the start point 30 minutes before the start time. Cancellations Due to safety reasons, Tours will be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions (Heavy rain, typhoon, snow, ice). There will be no charge in this case. Tours will be still held in light rain / showers.
If customer wishes to cancel, normal fees will be applied. Cancellation Fees Same day cancellation 100% 1 day before 50% 2 days before 30% 3 days before 20% 4 days + before 0% Insurance We have some insurance on the bikes but for added safety please be sure to purchase appropriate travel insurance in advance. Private Tours On request, our tours can be booked privately Weekend and holiday drop in tours (minimum 2 people) • Bike rental + ¥4000 Historic road tour / Waterfall experience. (bike rental inc.) 1 person : ¥24,000 2 people : ¥12,000 3 people : ¥8,000 4 people or more : ¥6000 Wasabi field tour / BBQ tour (bike rental inc.) 1 person : ¥34,000 2 people : ¥17,000 3 people : ¥11,300 4 people or more : ¥8500 Ome culture tour / Cycle and water adventure (bike rental inc.) 1 person : ¥40,000 2 people : ¥20,000 3 people : ¥13,300 4 people or more : ¥10,000