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Trekkling x Cycling

What is Trekkling?

The name of the shop, ‘Trekking’, is a word coined by combining trekking and cycling.
Our theme is to enjoy the nature of Okutama on bicycle and on foot!

Appealing points of Trekkling

A wide range of bicycle types and sizes! 

We have a total of 73 e-bikes, road bikes, gravel roads, hybrid bikes and mountain bikes.

Trekking’s original cycling maps allow you to visit places that are not on the guide maps!

You will receive an original cycling map produced at our shop, and our staff will give you instructions before you set off based on the map, including an explanation of the route, information on the sights, gourmet information, and hidden gems, so you won’t get lost or find yourself wondering where to go, as is often the case in travel destinations! 

All Trekking guides are JCTA-certified cycling guides!

The Japan Cycling Tourism Association is an organisation working with Cycle UK that provides training and certification in tourism for cycling. Our guides are travel specialists who know the local attractions inside out! They can take you to places of interest that are not listed in the guidebooks, or take you to places you might feel uneasy about on your own. Trekking’s cycling guides produce “small journeys” that bring you into contact with the nature, culture and lifestyle of the region. (2 Japanese guides and 1 British guide).

All Trekking guides are Leave No Trace instructors!

LNT = Leave No Trace is an environmental ethics programme developed in the USA to minimise environmental impact and enjoy the outdoors, and is currently the standard of conduct for outdoor recreation in 91 countries worldwide.

There are seven principles that are important for working in nature (the seven LNT principles) and we hope to pass on a few more LNTs that are spreading around the world.

Our activities in Okutama town and Ome city are within the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park area, and in order to perpetuate this rich natural environment, we want to continue outdoor activities while living in harmony with nature based on the best knowledge! This is why we obtained the LNT ‘Level 1 Instructor’ qualification.

Bicycle beginners can also feel at ease!

If you’ve never ridden an e-bike before or if you’ve never ridden a hybrid bike before, there’s no need to worry. Our staff will give you instructions.

Free cycling helmet!

Cycling helmets are provided free of charge for your safety and security. We also offer the option of a state-of-the-art helmet with a built-in intercom (which allows up to four people to talk at the same time).

Cycling tour guides


Guided routes: All courses (English), Cyclenglish (English conversation tour)
Qualifications: JCTA Cycling Guide, Advanced Life Saving, LNT “Level 1 Instructor” (Leave No Trace).
Born: UK (been in Japan 13 years)
Hobbies: Cycling, games.
Favourite food: Gyoza, miso ramen, sukiyaki
Favourite restaurants in Okutama: Soba Taro Cafe, Yamabato.
Favourite restaurant in Ome: I’m Home
Favourite place in Okutama: Old road forest road.
Favourite place in Ome: Back roads around Ikusabata.


Guided routes: all courses OK (Japanese/English), fishing guides
Qualifications: JCTA-accredited cycling guide, advanced lifesaving, LNT ‘Level 1 Instructor’ (Leave No Trace)
From: Tokyo, Japan
Hobbies: Lure fishing (40 years of fishing experience), playing football with my son
Favourite food: seafood, fried rice, very spicy food, cheese with wasabi
Favourite restaurants in Okutama: Soba Tanzaburo, Miyamatei
Favourite places to eat in Ome: Kobai-en, Tea Room, Yakiniku Ome, Hachinoko Shokudo.
Favourite places in Okutama: Unazawa Valley, Mizune-sawa
Favourite places in Ome: Mitake Valley, Sawanoi-en.


Guided routes: all courses OK (Japanese only).
Qualifications: JCTA-certified cycling guide, advanced lifesaving, LNT ‘Level 1 Instructor’ (Leave No Trace), WFA (Wilderness First Aid)
From: Kagoshima Prefecture
Hobbies: Cycling, windsurfing
Favourite food: Beer, sake, wine, potato shochu, etc.
Favourite restaurants in Okutama: Nonkiya, Akabeko
Favourite restaurants in Ome: Sekichu, Ome Mugishu, Tsuke-soba Katsura
Favourite place in Okutama: Okutama Lake – Tambayama Village route
Favourite place in Ome: the back road from Mitake Station to Hyuwada Station.

For customers coming by train

Okutama can be accessed easily at the weekends and holidays with the Holiday Rapid Okutama express train from Shinjuku on the JR Chuo line (orange). The rapid train finishes in Ome station, you then change to the Okutama train. There are 3 trains that leave Shinjuku in the morning – 6:45am (No.1), 7:44am (No.3) and 8:20am (No.5).

Midweek take a direct train to Ome, then at Ome station for Okutama.
Or take a train to Takao, Otsuki, Toyoda or Kawaguchi and change trains at Tachikawa to the Ome line.

If you are unsure which train to take, please contact us.

(9AM - 5PM)
197 Hikawa, Okutama machi, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo [ Google Map ]
Opening Times / 9AM - 5PM (Bike pick-ups finish at 3PM) If the calendar doesn't say open or closed. Please contact the shop.
Closed / Closed on irregular weekdays, Please check the calendar for opening days.

For customers coming by car

There is no parking lot at our store.
If you are coming by car, please use the following parking lots.

  • Hikawa Parking Lot (700 yen per day)
  • Times Okutama Town Hall (maximum daily charge: 880 yen on weekdays / 1,320 yen on weekends and holidays)

If you are unable to park at these 2 places, please contact us, we can direct you to another parking lot.