Cherry Blossom Viewing Cycling Tour

Spring is just around the corner and the cherry blossom forecast for central Tokyo has arrived. So far, central Tokyo is expected to bloom on 19th March and be in full bloom on 25th March.

The cherry blossoms in Okutama come about two weeks later than in central Tokyo.

Therefore, we are organising a Cherry Blossom Viewing Cycling Tour. The dates will be 4th to 7th and 11th to 14th April. The tour is available to book online now.

After an active cycling tour, we will take a breather and enjoy the cherry blossoms and have lunch. Included in the tour is a cherry blossom viewing bento box.

Unlike densely populated cherry blossom viewing in the city centre, you can enjoy viewing in a relaxed and leisurely manner. The contrast between the cherry blossom trees not only in the immediate vicinity but also in the mountains in the distance and the shades of fresh greenery is very exquisite.

And there are many varieties of cherry trees along the Okutama lakeside, with about 4,000 trees.

Why not join us this April for a cherry blossom viewing experience!