Sena smart cycling helmets

Have you ever wanted to communicate with your tour guide on a cycling tour to ask a question or want to stop for a reason. Well now you can, at Trekkling cycling tours and rentals we use Sena smart cycling helmet for our tours. So your guide can easily relay safety information, explain the route, and give a running commentary without the need for stopping.

With no talk buttons, wires or annoying earpieces, the Sena smart cycling helmet allows you to effortlessly communicate hands free with the guide and other tour members.

The helmet’s microphone is located above the forehead and the speakers are above each ear, with controls for volume and power on the left side. The helmet works on a mesh system where the radio signal connects to all helmets at the same time allowing them to carry the signal over a longer distance.

Why not join a cycling tour when you come to Japan, and let the guide take the stress out of finding the way.