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Trekkling provides cycling tours in a town called Okutama on the western edge of Tokyo, where the high mountains, deep valleys and forests are a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Okutama is easy to access by train from Shinjuku and Tokyo stations, so day trips from the center are possible.

Trekkling is:

Located in Okutama, Nishitama district of Tokyo Prefecture.
1 minute walk from Okutama station.
Established 2011.
Around 70 bikes – 8 mountain bikes, 21 hybrid bikes, 36 E-bikes, 4 road bikes
Support car available in case of emergencies.

Trekkling are:

Three experienced local guides (one British & two Japanese) on site!

JCTA Tour guides
Certified Japan Cycling Tour Association guides
(JCTA originated in the UK from the
‘Cycle UK’ association.)

David Boylan (EN/JP)
Masaki Numakura (JP)
Fuga Deguchi (JP/EN)

Tour information:

Tour groups: 6 people with 1 guide. 7 to 12 people – 2 guides. 13 to 18 people – 3 guides.
For larger groups, we can split the tour with another activity i.e. SUP or kayak.
e.g. Morning: Group A – Cycling, Group B – SUP. Afternoon: Group B – Cycling, Group A – SUP
Tour times – 3 – 4 hours. (can be flexible). Start times: AM or PM
Helmets with built-in intercoms allow everyone to listen to the guide while riding!
Tour distance can be flexible, generally each course is around 20 km. Shorter or longer courses can be arranged.
Tours normally use E-Bikes for easy cycling as Okutama has many hills.
If the customer is used to cycling, normal sports bikes can be provided.

Trekkling tours are:

Okutama historical road and lake tour – April to November.
A route with old shrines, mountain villages, spring water, suspension bridges and lots of nature.
Wasabi field & nature tour – All year.
Experience the nature and culture of wasabi, Okutama’s local produce.
Waterfall and river tour – July – September.
Excape the heat of summer into the deepest valleys to see and swim in some cooling waterfalls.
Ome 7 lucky gods tour – January February.
A visit to 7 gods enshrined at 7 temples and experience the culture & history of Ome.
Customized tours are also available with various options.

Tour additional options

Tour food options

Order made bento lunch boxes can also be made for larger groups.

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